Forum Title: Do I need an Air Admittance Valuve (god i hope not)...
We recently replaced made a few upgrades in our kitchen. As a result we had new sink, garbage disposal, faucet and dishwasher plumbed together under the sink into a single drain. What appears to be happening is lack of air flow to allow the water to properly and quickly to drain out. If you run the water for say a minute, the water starts to slowly backup. It drains eventually but doesn't seem to drank as quickly as it should. Doing some research, I cam across these AAVs that allow air to come into the drain when water is draining out. Do I need to install one or is there another way to perhaps adjust our pipes to facilitate more air flow into the drain? I purchased a FraJon AAV but I really don't want to tear out my PVC pipes and replace them to accommodate the installations of this AAV. Thanks in advance. Picks of what we have going on:
Category: Plumber Post By: THELMA GREENE (Bountiful, UT), 07/01/2016

This area?uploadfromtaptalk1444500099855.jpg

- FRANCISCO HANSON (Roseville, CA), 09/11/2017

I see a kink in the rubber line with the hose clamp in the first picture.

- JAMIE WEBER (Mesa, AZ), 09/11/2017

what is in that wall? '' i doubt you need an aav, i suspect you have a vent in the wall. look in their. or go outside, lok directly above e kitchen, an see a vent i suspect you have grease build up in your drain, need a sewr machine or call a plumber

- ISAAC SIMON (Bossier City, LA), 10/13/2017

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