Forum Title: leaking pipe dripping over Circuit breaker, Help ASAP.
ALright, so this isn't the first time it's occured, it's been going on for a few months but my mom is negligent and stubborn that she doesn't want to do anything about it untill it's too late. Last winter the pipes burst, and some shoddy plumber from the neighborhood came and fixed a few of the pipes, 2 days after he left, these two pipes burst. But he hasn't been back since. I saw the water dripping over the breaker, so I placed a plate there to divert it since at the time I had no cash to pay/buy the parts needed. Now the leaking is getting worse. And im afraid if something isn't done soon, it'll short circuit the whole house. And then we'll really be in trouble. The pipe which leads to the back yard, that water faucet we rarely use. (Washing dog, pool) but since it's nearing winter, we dont have a pool and we can use a bucket of water to wash the dog. Bought the problem up with my mom and she wants to pay hundred of dollars she thinks is going to magically appear to fix it. Long story short. HOW SHOULD I GO ABOUT FIXING IT. I was thinking of cutting the pipe and sacrificing the back faucet, then fitting a shut off valve. Any ideas? I'd like to save some money but if you guys think it's best to call a plumber, Please post. Time is of the essence .
Category: Plumber Post By: TOMMY FOWLER (Hackensack, NJ), 01/14/2017

Called LenThePLumber, they came out, guy looked like he didn't want to be bothered. TOld me he was going to write up an estimate. Sits in truck for 15 minutes before coming back in and shoving a 485$ estimate in my face. What he wrote Found leak coming from piping to outside hosebib; water running down through electric panel. *What he planned to do* Repair 1/2'' copper line and install new 1/2'' shut off valve. I feel like he's gouging me. Thoughts?

- CONSTANCE HALE (Riverside, CA), 10/03/2017

do you know what a packing nut is? cant tell, cause someone drew all over the picture, maybe the packing nut go and find a 3/4 compression x 3/4'' or 1/2'' mip [male thread] and a brass threaded cap. hacksaw the pipe into, install the compression fitting i am assuming, where the orange x is, is 3/4 copper pipe

- BRETT RHODES (Pueblo, CO), 10/06/2017

Water and electricity don't mix my advice to you if you don't have any experience with plumbing call a plumber.

- MATTIE REEVES (Encinitas, CA), 10/09/2017

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