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Hi everyone, This is my first time posting here. I'm really grateful for any help you guys would care to offer. I live in a house built sometime around 1900, and as such am not used to the way the plumbing is set up in this house. When I moved in, the bathroom sink didn't drain because the galvanized pipes are corroded. As the entire bathroom is in awful condition, I decided it was time to just tear everything out and redo the whole bathroom. My plan was just to replace the old pipes with pvc ones set up the same way. When I opened the wall, I didn't quite like what I saw. Could someone here suggest a more modern way to redo these pipes? Is this really a valid way to connect the drain to the vent?
Category: Plumber Post By: MARK THOMAS (Lombard, IL), 05/19/2017

I'm sorry if I wasn't clear about what I want to do here. I'd like to remove all the pipes seen in the photo except the cast iron soil stack (a plumber and a top notch contractor have said that it's in pretty good shape). It's located just behind the toilet, though it isnt visible in the picture. The plumber said I've been doing a good job replacing lots of other galvanized pipes in this house with pvc. This hose sure needs a ton of work! In this case however I'm wondering if the plumbing seen in the photo will be up to code if I just replace it with pvc, cause as ExtraMilePlumbing said, the pipes are ancient! I'd LOVE to have plumber do the work required for me, but I just don't have the money. I got pretty high quotes from a few plumbers. I do have 2 people who are going to help me with the work though. I do need to do the work however, as I have no bathroom sink until the work is done. BTW frodo, thank you so much for rotating and labeling my photo. I'm posting from my cell phone, and had no idea how to do it. The renegade pipe you've labeled goes to the upstairs bathroom.

- MAE HARMON (Clearwater, FL), 09/09/2017

it was hurting my neck go underneath and remove, replace what exactly is your question? my question to you. I mean no disrespect do you have the skills to perform the task you wish to perform ?

- JOHN JOHNSON (Taylor, MI), 10/07/2017

That's history right there . Sell you're house to a museum..jk aside it can all be replaced just get an experienced plumber to give you a quote

- ALFRED MORRISON (New Orleans, LA), 10/10/2017

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