Forum Title: Venting issue with upflush
Installed a upflush pump in my basement for my washer to drain to the septic. When it drains I get gurgling in my bathroom toilet sink and bathtub. The upflush is vented, tied into the stink pipe going to the roof. Just wondering if anyone had an easy fix for this issue. The order of piping in the picture is as follows. From left to right...pipe going out to septic, bathtub drain to the side, bathroom sink drain to the side, toilet drain, upflush coming from the bottom, vent pipe tied into stink pipe, then the stink pipe then line leading to kitchen drains. If I cut into the main line closer to the septic (between bathtub and bathroom sink; see pic) and then run a pipe back to the vent on the upflush will that fix the gurgling or is there something that I can add to the pipe itself? Thanks for any info on this.
Category: Plumber Post By: MAE HARMON (Biloxi, MS), 11/06/2016

What is the wye doing there with the branch on the bottom? YOU need to take that out. What is that 3 vertical riser? Hope that is not the discharge from the sump. Too Big! Unless you have one very large sump pump. The fernco ( black coupling ) I'm guessing is connected to a second line behind the upside down wye. The UPFLUSH looks like a shadow but I see now it's the Vertical riser from the sump. The 3 does not have to be that large if that is the vent, But it does have to connect to the vent above the flood rim of the fixture that the vent you are connecting it to. The wye you added for the sump has to be rolled 45 degrees above the centerline of the horizontal line you installed it on

- DANA RIOS (Jonesboro, AR), 09/21/2017

NEVER NEvER EVER connect to the bottom of the sewer

- MARION SINGH (Las Vegas, NV), 09/26/2017

They eye with the branch on the bottom is the water coming up from the pump, it's 1 1/2 pipe. The 3 pipe in front of it, is the vent coming up from the pump. It's tied into the stink pipe going through the roof.

- PEDRO VALDEZ (Ann Arbor, MI), 10/13/2017

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